Other Services

Therapeutic Groups 

At PSCMH we offer group therapy in conjunction with individual treatment. We are beginning to plan for in-person groups as NYC opens up from COVID. Please contact PSCMH directly for more information.


At PSCMH we believe in the importance of providing the best and most appropriate level of care.  Assessments are provided at the very beginning of the intake process. The goal of the initial assessment session is to determine the appropriateness of admission for the client, to begin to develop and understanding of presenting problems, and to answer any questions that the client and/or family has regarding the therapy process.

Psychiatric Assessment

Psychiatric assessments (or evaluation) can be provided in addition to individual treatment at PSCMH. Psychiatric assessments are provided at the beginning of weekly therapy, or at any point during the treatment process. Psychiatric assessments are provided for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment planning, and medication therapy.  

During the intake process for adults we assess for risk to determine if the client is in danger of hurting themselves or others, We use assessment scales for substance use and when needed a mental status exam.  For children we assess for risk to self and others and use assessment scales for depression, post traumatic stress and strengths and difficulties.  When a parent or guardian agrees we also give assessment scales to parents or guardians to determine if he/she has depression or ADHD.  This helps provide better care for the child and the family.

PSCMH is in the process of growing, and there will be additional services added over time when new services are needed in our community. Check back with us for updates in this area! 

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