Park Slope Center for Mental Health provides mental and behavioral health services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Your Mental Health is Our Priority

Park Slope Center for Mental Health is a community based outpatient mental health clinic regulated by the NYS Office of Mental Health. Our agency has been in existence since 1983 and serves clients throughout Brooklyn and the five boroughs. We provide individual, family and group therapy, as well as psychiatry and medication management to clients of all ages.

We welcome clients of all religious, cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as all sexual and gendered orientations. We offer a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment.

Our Office Locations:

348 13th Street

Suite 203

Brooklyn, NY 11215

P: 718-788-2461

255 15th Street

Suite 103

Brooklyn, NY 11215

P: 718-788-5101

“Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but you are not the rain.”

Matt haig

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