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Children, Adolescents, & Family

Our Child and Family Program provides a range of therapeutic services including individual therapy, family therapy, and parenting guidance sessions. Our individual therapies include play, creative arts and talk therapy for children and adolescents struggling with functioning in their family, school, community, and social relationships. Our goal is to promote self-exploration, skill building, problem and conflict resolution, and encourage the development of a healthy self-esteem and respect. Parents and caregivers are an integral part of the process meeting regularly with their child’s therapist to discuss issues as they arise, ways to the help the child, and progress being made.

Here at PSCMH, we understand that parenting challenges might create distress for parents and caregivers.  In a non-judgmental and supportive environment we explore the current parenting style and the emotional needs of a parent. Therapists in our parenting program provide information, guidance, and/or strategies to better understand and navigate a child’s developmental and behavioral difficulties.

The Child Intake Process

To begin services for your child at PSCMH:

  • The parent or guardian will call PSCMH at 718-788-5101 and speak with someone about what services they are seeking.
  • Please have your child’s insurance information available when you call. We also offer out-of-pocket payment. Click here for more information about payment options.
  • A brief phone screening is performed to determine initial eligibility to our program. The intake coordinator will then provide information on our intake process.
  • The assigned therapist will reach out to the parent via phone to schedule the initial session.

We work with the whole family at PSCMH, and all parents or guardians involved in the child or adolescent’s life are expected to be a part of the therapeutic process. This may look like monthly sessions with the family, regular phone contact or even separate parent sessions. We come from a holistic model, where children and adolescents live and thrive within their environment and family, rather than have issues in isolation. 

During the child or adolescent intake process, the parent(s) and child are seen separately and together. The child or adolescent will continue to meet regularly with the therapist who will develop a treatment plan with the family to guide the services and treatment goals during their work together.

To learn more about our program or
to schedule an initial screening appointment:

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