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Adult Program

Our Adult Program offers short and long term therapy for individuals and couples. Together with your therapist, you will explore patterns, issues and strengths which will lead to a greater understanding and mastery over your actions. The individual is also encouraged to discuss any other needs he or she may have, such as case management, parenting, and medication management. Your therapist will coordinate services and ensure comprehensive and quality care.

Our Adult Program also offers group therapy that provides education, increases socialization and promotes increased awareness of physical and emotional health that leads to self-advocacy, improved self-esteem and social relationships.  The adult program currently has groups in both Spanish and English.

13th street waiting room

Adult Intake
The Adult Program intake department coordinates admission for adults looking for individual or couples therapy. To begin services at PSCMH:  

  • The individual or referral source will call the Adult Program intake department to speak with an intake coordinator.
  • A brief phone screening is performed to determine initial eligibility to our program.
  • The intake coordinator will then provide information on our intake process and may schedule the individual for an initial screening appointment with a therapist.
  • Please be prepared with the client’s insurance card identification number to schedule the initial screening appointment.
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Once the initial screening is completed and reviewed, the individual will be matched with a therapist for ongoing care, or will be referred for other services that are more suited to the individual’s needs. The client will then continue to meet regularly with their therapist and together they will develop a treatment plan and goals to help guide their work.

To learn more about our services or schedule an initial screening appointment, you may contact the Adult Program intake department at (718) 788-2461

The Adult Program Director and Adult Intake Department are located at 13th Street.

Child Program

Our Child and Family Program provides a range of therapeutic services including individual therapy, family therapy, and parenting guidance sessions. Our individual therapies include play, creative arts and talk therapy for children and adolescents struggling with functioning in their family, school, community, and social relationships. Our goal is to promote self-exploration, skill building, problem and conflict resolution, and encourage the development of a healthy self-esteem and respect. Parents and caregivers are an integral part of the process meeting regularly with their child's therapist to discuss issues as they arise, ways to the help the child, and progress being made.

Here at PSCMH, we understand that parenting challenges might create distress for parents and caregivers.  In a non-judgmental and supportive environment we explore the current parenting style and the emotional needs of a parent. Therapists in our parenting program provide information, guidance, and/or strategies to better understand and navigate a child's developmental and behavioral difficulties.

We further believe family therapy is beneficial when family relationships need insight, conflict resolution, and mediation. Family therapists support families to develop skills to effectively communicate with one another. Family therapy is a short term treatment option that allows families to find workable solutions and healing for the relationships in the family.

child waiting room

Child Intake

The Child and Family Program intake department coordinates admission for children and adolescents in need of individual and family therapy. To begin services for a child or adolescent:  

  • The parent (guardian) or referral source will call the child and family program intake department to speak with an intake coordinator.
  • A brief phone screening is performed to determine initial eligibility to our program.
  • The intake coordinator will provide information on our intake process and invite the parent to participate in an initial screening appointment for their child at the agency.
  • Please be prepared with the child’s insurance card identification number to schedule the initial screening appointment.
child program waiting

Once the initial screening is completed the child or adolescent will be connected with a therapist to complete the intake process. It is a two appointment process where the parent and child are seen separately or together depending on the age of the child or adolescent. The child or adolescent will continue to meet regularly with the therapist who will develop a treatment plan with the family to guide the services and treatment goals during their work together.

To learn more about our program or schedule an initial screening appointment, you may contact the Child and Family Program intake department at (718) 788-2461

The Executive Director, Child Program Director and Child Intake Department are located at 15th Street..

Other Services

Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy encourages people to express and understand emotions through artistic expression and through the creative process. Creative Arts Therapy provides the client with critical insight into emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Key benefits of the Creative Art Therapy process include: self-discovery, personal fulfillment, empowerment, relaxation and stress reduction, symptom relief and physical rehabilitation.  The Creative Arts Therapies include: art therapy, dance/movement therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, poetry therapy, and psychodrama.


At PSCMH we offer group therapy in conjunction with individual treatment.  Currently available are: a Diabetes Education/Coping Group (offered in English and Spanish), a Women’s Stress and Coping Group, and a weekly Spanish language depression group. Please contact PSCMH directly for more information.


At PSCM we believe in the importance of providing the best and most appropriate level of care.  Assessments are provided for all clients at the very beginning of the intake process. The goal of the initial assessment session is to determine the appropriateness of admission for the client, to begin to develop and understanding of presenting problems, and to answer any questions that the client and/or family has regarding the therapy process.

Psychiatric Assessment

Psychiatric assessments (or evaluation) are provided in addition to individual treatment at PSCMH. Psychiatric assessments are provided at the beginning of weekly therapy, or at any point during the treatment process. Psychiatric assessments are provided for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment planning, and medication therapy.  For children, we provide two evaluation sessions; the first with the child’s parent or guardian, and the second with the child.

During the intake process for adults we assess for risk to determine if the client is in danger of hurting themselves or others, We use assessment scales for substance use and when needed a mental status exam.  For children we assess for risk to self and others and use assessment scales for depression, post traumatic stress and strengths and difficulties.  When a parent or guardian agrees we also give assessment scales to parents or guardians to determine if he/she has depression or ADHD.  This helps provide better care for the child and the family.

Case Management

At Park Slope Center the assigned therapists provide case management support to all of the clients in our care.  Our case management services include but are not limited to linkage and referrals to services outside of the agency that are necessary to maintain the health and wellness of our clients; advocacy on behalf of the client to improve access and communication to additional services; and monitoring the client’s relationship with other agencies to continue assessment and appropriateness of care provided. 


Developing Projects

Community Outreach

PSCMH is committed to making and maintaining supportive communication with the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods. An effort that began through the School Based Child and Family Clinic Plus initiative 5 years ago, PSCMH has developed lasting relationships with public schools in many Brooklyn communities near and far. As the school program has come to an end, we at PSCMH have refocused our efforts to develop partnerships with schools, hospitals and doctor’s offices, community centers and organizations in the surrounding neighborhoods including, but not limited to: Park Slope, Sunset Park, Red Hook, Prospect Heights, Windsor Terrace and Kensington.  Our community outreach goal is to promote an improved understanding of mental health service in an effort to decrease the stigma of mental illness.

Diabetes Project

Since 2008 the agency has been involved in a continuous quality improvement project (CQI) to help clients who are prescribed more at risk antipsychotic medication who also have cardio-metabolic issues such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.  Currently we are focusing on diabetes as the country continues to see an increased prevalence of the disease in both youth and older adults.  The executive director, a juvenile diabetic who became legally blind from the disease has been at the forefront of providing education to staff as a first step in providing increased knowledge that will help our clients who are at risk, are diagnosed with the disease or who are caregivers for family members.  Our clients answered a survey to provide us with information that led to focus groups to gain an understanding of the obstacles clients face in managing the disease.  We have a diabetes group underway for our clients in an effort to help our clients achieve better health and wellness.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

We engage in ongoing review of our clinical practices and strive to continuously improve our ability to address our client’s needs. Reviews are based on best practices as suggested by the New York State Office of Mental Health, New York State Department of Health, and on factors identified by clients, therapists, prescribers, supervisors and Directors. Current projects include for adults: improving care for clients who have co-occurring cardio-metabolic and psychiatric disorders who are prescribed antipsychotic medication. For children: improving coordination of care for youth who take psychiatric medication. Using case conferences and program wide data collection, we develop and implement changes in our practice. Recent examples of these include the start of a group for clients living with diabetes and expanded assessment of family factors that may impact on children’s mental health.



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